How to Create a Healthy Ecosystem for Your Horse


There is an unmistakeable symbiotic relationship between your horse and the natural surroundings they find themselves in each day. Striking a healthy balance is one way to ensure that your horse stays well and happy for the duration of their lives. Below are a few ways you can assist in making sure that their ecosystem is designed for maximum benefits to the health of your horse.

Maintain Natural Fly and Mosquito Predation Techniques

There are animals that naturally feed on flies and mosquitos, which completely eliminates the need to use sprays that can be harmful. Frogs, spiders, bats, and lizards are all animals that benefit from eating the bugs that bother your horse. Keeping a healthy balance of these natural predators will be the best thing you can do for your horse.

Pick Up Manure Piles

Gradually expanding areas of manure piles will attract flies and the horse will eventually quit trying to eat grasses in these areas. These areas will then begin to become overgrown with weeds. Keep the piles of dung picked up and centralized to one area.

Use Dung Beetles

Dung beetles are harmless to horses but can do great wonders in making smaller piles of dung completely disappear. They will roll off into the sunset with their finds, making the horse happy. It can save you a lot of detail work when it comes to keeping every bit of manure cleaned up.

Alternate Forage Fields

Allowing the horse to forage the grass down too far will set up an unhealthy ecosystem within the available food chain. Try to alternate their grazing area, or cordon off a portion to rotate their times of grazing. Look for an additional property to rent close by if you are limited on grazing space.

Never Use Pesticides

Using chemicals and pesticides near the food source of horses can be detrimental, if not deadly. You can also end up upsetting the natural ecological balance by inadvertently killing the insects and small animals that are helpful to maintain a healthy balance for your horse.

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