How to Create an Effective Distribution Strategy for Your Leaflets


Despite the various modern ways in which a message can be made public – think of all the digital platforms – the classical marketing tools such as the banner, flyer, and leaflet are still very effective ways to drum up business. They are tried and tested, and will remain in circulation for as long as paper and mail exists.

Still, as with any kind of marketing tool, the leaflet can only be effective if it reaches the right audience, if it is designed well, and if the quality of print is up-to-date. That’s where the tricky part lies. Designing a great leaflet doesn’t necessarily have to be difficult, but you do have to keep some basic rules and guidelines in mind. Thinking about starting a new marketing campaign? Here’s how to create an effective distribution strategy for your leaflets.

Understand your target demographic

You have a certain product, service, or project to promote, and no matter how great this may be, not everyone is going to like it; your product, service, or project is going to please only a certain part of the population. Understanding your target demographic is essential in getting your message across in a way they understand it, and accept it in a positive manner. It will also help you save resources by limiting your distribution to people whom you decide to target.

Choose your location carefully

If you have a brick-and-mortar shop, it’s handy to distribute your leaflets near the store itself. If you’re selling cars, you may not have much success if you hand out leaflets near a hospital. If you target younger people, concerts and youth clubs offer great potential. Choose your location carefully.

Compose your main message right

Every message can be condensed – the key to success with folded leaflet printing design (as well as banner printing design, personalised banners, and more) is to keep it as simple as possible. Compose your main message right; keep it short and powerful.

Pick the right graphics

Choose images that appeal to your target demographic, and make sure the imagery has a high resolution so it can be printed by good printing services in a high-quality way.

Employ a great distributor

If you are planning to have a large amount of leaflets distributed, it may be worth employing a distributor who can do this efficiently and at low cost.

As mentioned before, designing and distributing a great leaflet does not have to be very difficult – but it requires some homework and creative thinking in order to get the most out of it. Leaflets are still a great way to go because they are so cost-effective and because they can reach a wide range of people, but you need to have a professional approach to the process. If you do things the right way, you’re assured of great success.