How to Foster a Positive Work Environment


Depending on the nature of your industry, being at work can be stressful. Between deadlines, reconciling different personalities, and dealing with customers, the place you spend 90,000 hours of your life can be a major source of anxiety. But it does not have to be this way. You can be the change you want see in your place of employment.  Here are three ways you can foster a positive work environment, which can be equally beneficial for your employees and the company.

Recognize to retain

Per a Globoforce survey, 46 percent of human resource administrators believe retention is their greatest challenge. If you want to retain then you better be prepared to recognize. Make it a routine to acknowledge employees that have been especially productive or great team players. Have popular thank yous like gift certificates to restaurants, spas, or movies lined up as a symbol of your appreciation.  This gesture is one of many that can prove to keep employees happy and increase company growth. It’s important to remember that your employees are the lifeblood of your operations. Even if you aren’t a company owner, making your team or colleagues feel good about their accomplishments is a plus.

Go ahead, have some fun

Being at the forefront and overseeing an entire team can also translate to being a lightning rod for stress yourself. So how can you help reduce some of this departmental stress? Put on your poker face when things get challenging and plan something fun.  Coordinate team building exercises at a ropes course or get everyone signed up for a team relay 5k.  Turn into a foodie and treat your employees to lunch once a month where you can bond over work and address the palate. Or scrap work themed events all together and organize a football Friday get together. Just being together in a relaxed fun atmosphere can do a lot to bring camaraderie back into the office mix.

Be flexible

Per the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, 25 percent of employees attribute work as their main source of stress, while 40 percent say their job is very stressful. Work stress is also considered a bigger culprit than financial or family problems that trigger health complaints. This may explain why 25 percent of employees have felt like screaming or shouting at their place of employment. Given these compelling numbers, how can you help your team balance this pressure a little better? By being more flexible of course. In this day and age, the 9-to-5 work schedule may be a bit antiquated, especially when you have so much technology at your fingertips. Instead of sticking to such a firm regimen offer your employees a work schedule that meshes with their personal life.  Allowing employees the opportunity to work remotely may also help them meet both work and family obligations. Another way to be flexible is allowing your employees to take risks in their professional lives without fear of losing their jobs at the first small failure. Identify employees who are risk takers and put boundaries on the risks they are allowed to take. This can lead to higher returns on those risks while mitigating any devastating failures to your business.

Sometimes you need a little flexibility or a little fun. Sometimes you just need a good pat on the back. It does not matter if you are a team leader or team member. Everyone can play an active role in contributing to a positive work environment.

What makes you feel good at work?