Making a Good Impression


Making the right impression on potential clients can be a daunting task, which can be the difference between your reputation and tons of money. So what you’ll want to do is to make the right impression on your potential clients as soon as possible, in the right way, so that you’re more likely to gain the right customers. This can be difficult at first, but if you’re concentrating on your clients needs and looking your best, you’re sure to make the right impression when it matters.

When you’re about to have your first meeting with a potential client, you have to do sufficient research before undertaking a conference with them. While you probably know that you must get familiar with your clients needs, you should also understand what kind of person your client is, and what they need. Will they need someone who will work exclusively for them? Will the need a particular set of skills in order to finish the task they need completed? These are all questions that need answered to the best of your ability BEFORE you set up your first meeting with them. By at the very least, having a small understanding of what your client needs, you’ll be able to access the right places with less trouble.

Another way to make an impression on your client is to dress to impress. While this may seem obvious, it’s much more than just slapping on an ill-fitting grey suit and slacks. You’ll want to pay special attention to the fit of your clothes and the way it looks on you. Ill-fitting suits and dresses sends the message that you don’t take care of yourself, or that your work is sloppy. Putting together a nice outfit with nice details sends the message that you pay attention to details and are good at decision making, which is what most potential clients look for in a prospective company. Try different looks from Johnston & Murphy to make your look the right one.