The BEST accounting software for your practice is here!


Whether you are just starting out, or it’s time for an upgrade, when it comes to accounting software you need something reliable, safe and robust enough to grow with your company. After all, accountants are held to the highest of standards. Yet, there is one product line that stands out as the best in accounting software: CS Professional Suite by Thomson Reuters.


Seriously, this program has accounting solutions for your clients, tax and asset management, payroll solutions for clients, firm and project workflow management, electronic document management, client portals and is 100% online.

Any accountant with a little experience knows the headaches of using multiple software platforms: trying to make sure all the I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed so that nothing gets missed or double billed, while maintaining profitability can be daunting. Now imagine all those worries are gone.

Having everything in one place is a dream come true. This is what makes it the best accounting software out there.


The practice management software gives you a real-time look at both clients and staff. By scheduling projects (like 1040 or monthly bookkeeping) and assigning them to staff members, you can see where tasks are and how much time is being spent on them.

Realization reports to see who is being productive and who is scrolling the internet are available with a few clicks of the mouse.

The dashboards are completely customizable for each employee, so they can see what’s important to them and it records their time and billing rates for management. No more time clocks or taking their word on how much they accomplished.

With the advanced features, the software will even adjust workloads so that every project gets done on time.

The tax software works with the accounting and paperless platforms to import business data. It has other features that offer planning, fixed asset management and electronic signatures.

Let’s not forget being paperless. With the online document management system, you will never have to step foot into that file room again. Not to mention working from home just became a whole lot easier!


What if you could combine accounting, audit, payroll and secure delivery into one neat package? Now you can.

Accounting CS works like other robust write-up software programs, but on a revolutionary platform that allows you to securely work with clients in real time. There is an add-on if your firm has audit engagements that integrates with Microsoft.

In house payroll is something most people love or hate, but Thomson Reuters makes it painless. With easy setup, automated payroll, data entry that can even be done on a mobile app, and comprehensive impounding, this is a bookkeeper’s dream!

A secure portal to communicate with you. In today’s world of identity theft, security is a huge issue. With a secure cloud-based portal, the clients can upload sensitive information to you automatically instead of driving to the office or putting it in the mail. And it works both ways; you can send tax returns, payroll information or any other sensitive documents without having to worry about the ramifications of sending them via email.


You guessed it. CS Professional Suite does it all. Maintain the firm, manage clients, operate securely and add-ons that grow with the company, all with no server. No matter the size of the firm, the products are completely customizable to be exactly what you need when you need it.