Tips for improving your office car park, including traffic




The office car park is an important area that is sometimes overlooked by businesses. It can be a dangerous space when there are a lot of vehicles, so it is essential that steps are taken to improve the safety and security of this area thereby impressing the visitors.

It may not be as high on your agenda as indoor spaces, but your office car park is a very important area that needs attention. This can be a dangerous space with many different vehicles manoeuvring around a small space, so it is vital that you take steps to increase the safety in this area by ensuring everybody knows the rules.

In addition to this, the car park is often the first thing that visitors see when they arrive. You will want to impress these visitors with a clean, well-marked and attractive space to make a good first impression. Here are a few ways that any company can take advantage of to improve their office car park:

Traffic Signs

Using traffic signs is an efficient way to improve the safety of the area. These signs can educate every motorist on the rules of the car park and where they can and cannot park their vehicle. They can also indicate where the exit is, what areas are reserved, what the speed limit is and various other messages. These signs must be of high-quality and well-positioned so that everybody can see them.

Nominate Spaces

it can often be a struggle just before 9 A.M when everybody is desperately trying to find a space to park their car; this can lead to arguments and occasional accidents. To eliminate this problem, consider nominating areas so that everybody knows exactly where to park each morning (this could be based on seniority). You should also consider a nominated space for visitors, as well as places for disabled visitors, motorcycles and emergency vehicles.


Those that have a covered car park may find that poor lighting is an issue in terms of both vehicle and personal security. Install new lighting inside and the area will be well illuminated so that people can easily see when attempting to park their vehicle. This will also help people to feel safe when they are in the area late at night. CCTV cameras can also be installed to help people feel more secure and to deter criminals.


A cracked and bumpy surface is not only unattractive, but it can also be damaging to an automobile. Resurfacing will transform the space and make it look much cleaner and more attractive. You should also repaint the lines so that it is clear to see and people know exactly where to park.

These steps will rejuvenate the office car park and make it a tidy space that is easy to navigate. This will reduce the chance of an accident and potential injury occurring onsite, as well as impress any important visitors you have to the company.