Services Offered By Paving Contractors in Nanaimo


Whether you have a parking lot, driveway, pathway or tennis/basketball court that you want paved, repaired or marked, it is very important to look for professionals with a lot of experience in this area. Fortunately, there are companies that are known to offer a wide range of paving services. Serving government, commercial, residential, and industrial clients, these experts usually offer quality services that are meant to keep your driveways, parking lot, and other types of paved surfaces functional, attractive and in good working order.

Paving Services in Nanaimo

If you are based in Nanaimo and are looking for professional pavers, you will find companies that offer unparalleled paving services for many different types of clients. These contractors usually offer complete services throughout the lifespan of your paved surface. From paving installation and repair, through to maintenance, these experts have you covered from every angle. Once you have contacted the paving contractors for consultation and a free estimate, they will determine your needs, and plan the work based on your schedule. Whether you need help with the initial paving, asphalt maintenance, traffic painting maintenance, or traffic line painting in Nanaimo, these professionals can help. Their services include:

  1. Line Painting

Clear and visible lines are very instrumental in ensuring that traffic flows freely and safely. For instance, vibrant and durable traffic-control markings and directional arrows help to ensure that drivers stay within their lanes. They also enable them to know exactly where they are going and be aware of any changes in the road, like stops, curves or merging areas. These paving contractors not only have a great reputation for their professional asphalt and concrete paving maintenance services, but also in terms of traffic painting maintenance, and traffic line painting in Nanaimo. They also offer reliable line removal, as well as thermoplastic marking services.

  1. Power, Pressure Washing and Steam Cleaning

These paving experts can also clean your asphalt or concrete paving using power and pressure washing, as well as steam cleaning. This enables them to remove contaminants like road salt, grease and oil, which in turn prevents or minimizes the damage that could be caused by these contaminants. The best thing is that they typically offer 24-hour services, which means that you can rely on them for thorough parking lot cleaning whenever your parking lot is not in use.

  1. Paving

You can also count on them for professional asphalt and concrete paving installation, repair and maintenance. Asphalt in particular has special elastic properties which allows it to recover and flex even under heavy traffic. It is environmentally-friendly and quite long-lasting, and that is why it is used on playground areas, parking lots, driveways, highways and streets. These experts can offer regular asphalt repair and maintenance in order to keep it in good shape.

  1. Maintenance and Repair

If you have a damaged driveway, roadway or parking lot, you can contact these contractors for professional repair and maintenance. They normally work 24/7 and hence, they can work on your pavement when there is little or no activity, in order to minimize any interference with your traffic or business. Their repair and maintenance services entail many things, including seal-coating, pothole patching and crack sealing.

In addition to all this, these skilled and experienced contractors can offer professional snow removal and landscaping services. They will do everything in their capacity to ensure that your paved surface is in its best working condition. So, whether you are in need of traffic painting maintenance, or traffic line painting in Nanaimo, they have you covered.