What to look for when choosing feather flags?


Feather flags are a clever marketing tool, allowing you to promote any upcoming events. At HFE Signs, they provide a complete range of the feather flags, so you needn’t worry about finding something suitable!

Whether you’re looking for sail flags to suit business events or simply to maintain professionalism, you cannot go wrong with their extensive selection of products today. Each of the feather flags is priced suitably, ensuring that you receive the best value for money.

The purpose of the feather flags and sail flags is to communicate messages effectively and maximise visibility. There are countless other ways in which the flags can be used, why not consider the following?

Outdoor advertising.

When it comes to taking your products to your customers, the feather flags from HFE Signs are guaranteed to make your business stand out, making it more appealing to passers-by. The “feather-like” structure of the flag makes it so eye-catching and endearing, hence why it’s such a useful tool for marketing.

Single or double-sided.

As with any of the products that HFE Signs provide, thesail flags are designed to suit the requirements of all budgets, ensuring that you find cost-efficient signage.

In terms of price, both the single and the double-sided flag are affordable! You’ll notice these flags at events and trade shows, raising brand awareness.


You’ll find a wide range of designs, including the Zoom Quill teardrop flags and the Wind Dancer, so be sure to choose something suitable from theirselection of products!

Often the shape of the feather flags is simple, they’re designed to suit your personal preference, making your signage suit your corporate brand. At HFE Signs, the feather flags and sail flags are all trimmed to shape, ensuring that they create the right first impression.


As large, free-standing features, the feather flags are thought to be one of the most effective methods for attracting passers-by because they’re easily seen above crowds.

Depending on the intended use and the location in which you plan to place your feather flags, they are guaranteed to make an impact- meaning you cannot go wrong with the feather flags that HFE Signs supply!


Each of the sail flags that they supply is designed to be attention-grabbing. Often the simplicity of the flag makes it stand out from the crowd, therefore, by including a logo and a company name, you’ll be able to generate more traffic to your business or event instantly.


Why not personalise your feather flags? By customising your flags, you can easily make your signage stand out from afar. The feather flags are digitally printed to provide a high-quality print that’s accurate.

Feather flags that are used outdoors need to be weather resistant if they are to last, ultimately enabling you to keep your costs to a minimum. At HFE Signs, their sail flags are designed to resist wind and other severe weather conditions, can you afford not to invest in this clever marketing technique?

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