Three Steps to Obtain Maltese Residence

Maltese residence can be a lucrative option for many. It gives you a safe and peaceful environment with many benefits, including the lowest taxation rate and minimal criminal rate. The best part of obtaining a Maltese residence is its simple and fast process. Applying for Maltese residence can be a unique opportunity for many reasons. The Maltese government opens new doors for entrepreneurs and individuals with high net worth to live in a modern country with a pleasant climate, safe environment, and tax benefits. Maltese residents can also enjoy free and high-quality educational and medical services.

Here are three steps of applying for a Maltese residence.

Hire a Licensed Immigration Agent

While you can apply for Maltese residence by yourself, it is always wise to obtain expert assistance to avoid unwanted outcomes. A licensed immigration agent can help you choose the best residency programs, such as MPRP. Luckily, you do not need to pay anything to evaluate your chances of getting a residence for the submitted application. Subsequently, you will provide your immigration agent with scanned copies of the passport and other necessary documents.

Submit Documents 

You would need to collect all the required documents, such as your passport and ID cards. Other documents include birth certificates of every applicant you are adding to your Malta residence, marriage certificate, and health check certificate. You will also need a non-convocation certificate for someone above 16 years old in your application. Documents demonstrating your financial status and other necessary things are also part of your application.

Due Diligence of Your Application 

After your application gets approved, you will need to meet other requirements of the Malta residence program, including investing in stocks or real estate. Upon submission of the sale and purchase agreement and other documents, you will get Maltese residence and the relevant tax status.

Malta also serves as a paradise for tax optimization. All these benefits make Malta a desirable and prestigious place to live with an official status, whether you obtain a temporary visa or choose a permanent residence in the country.