Top stocks to invest in if you are a new trader in September 2020

Since new traders are always pouring in, regardless of the world’s situation, it is essential to point out some top stocks for September 2020. There are many doubts if you are new in the stock market field, but be sure there is always space for growth if you are continually learning, and you don’t rush and buy impulsively.

We present to you the top 3 stocks in September. The first category has the best value, the second-fastest earnings growth, and the last one the most momentum.

  1. Best Value Stocks

These three stocks have a low P/E ratio. This means you are paying less for every dollar they generate from their profit.

  • NRG Energy Inc.: NRG Energy is a company that produces, sells, and distributes energy and provides energy services across the U.S. You get the idea of how needed this company is in our everyday lives.


  • NortonLifeLock Inc.: NortonLifeLock is a consumer cyber safety company, offering solutions that enable users to protect their electronic devices, online privacy, and prevention from identity theft online. NortonLifeLock reported a year-over-year increase in consumer revenue of 4%, and the consumer reported a 9% growth rate. The report comes as NortonLifeLock is currently making the transition to a pure-play industry.
  • Unum Group: Unum gives people disability insurance, group life insurance, and payroll-deducted voluntary benefits for employees primarily at U.S. corporations. The company had a falling net income on a revenue gain of less than 1%, which ended in June.
  1. Fastest Growing Stocks
  • Kimco Realty Corp.: Kimco Realty is a real estate investment trust that owns and operates open-air shopping centers across the U.S. Most of the company’s properties are rooted by a grocery store and big box store. All of Kimco’s shopping centers remain open even though the pandemic is roaring.
  • Eversource Energy: Utility company Eversource Energy gives electric and natural gas service to customers throughout most of the northeastern U.S. through its various networks.
  • Ford Motor Co.: Ford Motor is a well-known designer and manufacturer of cars and trucks. In July, Ford reported $1.9 billion in adjusted EBIT in Q2 2020 amid bearish sales related to the coronavirus. Despite the difficulties, the EBIT loss was more than $3 billion better than everyone assumed it would’ve been.
  1. Stocks with the Most Momentum
  • NVIDIA Corp.: NVIDIA is famous (especially if you are a gamer) for its design, development, and manufacturing of computer graphics processors and other multimedia software. NVIDIA reported a jump in revenue for 50%. The growth became immense thanks to increasing the adoption of NVIDIA’s products in video games and luxury vehicles.
  • Advanced Micro Devices Inc.: Advanced Micro Devices is a company that focuses on making microprocessors, chipsets, and multimedia products. Sales of AMD’s Ryzen and processors contributed significantly to the growth of a stunning 26% increase in revenue.
  • Apple Inc.: As you know, Apple is involved in designing, manufacturing, and selling various tech gadgets such as phones, personal computers, tablets, wearables and accessories, and other related software, services, and networking solutions.

These stocks are the ones you should pay attention to in September, so you can slowly experiment on the stock market. Explore their business further, and we wish you good luck with trading!