5 Reasons Why Designers Must Build More Prototypes

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A prototype is a vastly used term in the design industry which simply means the early version of your final design that is going to get launched in the market. The designs on getting shared with your audience give you a note on which ideas are going to work and which aren’t. Developers get to shape the outcome according to these interactions and there are 5 more reasons why one should build more prototypes:

Bringing Ideas to Life

While being visual species, humans are known to have built a concrete connection between the eyes and the brain. Hence, the power of visual design is so dominant in the eyes of the creator but that is only an idea when quoted to somebody else. To turn the idea from abstract is hard to comprehend to an easily compelling input and therefore the formation of prototypes is important. These physical copies of your ideas help them to relate with you and understand and contemplate better.

The Best Solutions

Extensive user research might not be able to provide you with the correct data. The prototype is a blank page where you can start experimenting with feasible ideas as much as you can unless you reach the best possible solutions. You can discard the ideas not yielding results or refine the results you already got. Prototypes serve as trial and error space for your new product development.

Iteration Towards Better Product

UX designs lead to both providing evidence and proving ingenuity. The feedback on your prototype is building your knowledge about what your customers demand from your product. That knowledge is going to drive you towards design improvisation until users find their goals are met.

Risk Reduction

Once the design is transferred towards the coding department, making any change becomes almost impossible and costly. Instead of that happening, every change is made at the prototype level before any single line of code is written.

Avoid Unnecessary Shifts

There will always be opinions about making changes to your existing design. Instead of implementing every minute opinion coming your way, it is wise for you to rather work those out on a prototype and explain how unfeasible solution that might be. A rough sketch and a small trial for every change you make would be sufficient for you to understand why making excess changes is not an option.

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