5 Tips for Efficiently Printing Large Formats

A giant banner, a billboard poster, or an amazing vinyl has very high stakes behind them. To get the right message conveyed, to strike the visuals to your eyes, or even getting that board printed perfectly involves a lot of challenges. Not every graphic can suit the purpose of printing large and even a minute mistake can take a toll upon the expenses. These graphics, mostly, are printed on expensive plastics or vinyl that again requires different ink to withstand the outdoor ambiance. 

Below are listed a few tips that will make you avoid problems while printing large formats:

Perfect Settings

Turning photographs into large format prints can be tricky. The photographs often tend to pixelate while expanding and nobody wants to hang such an image on a banner. Hence, it is wise to change the camera settings to the highest possible mode allowing to capture the largest sized image. The highest resolution of a photograph also ensures the banner image to remain intact. The photographs must be ideally shot on RAW instead of JPEG or JPG to avoid the graphics getting torn.


Though the image looks pretty attractive on screen, it is kind of tough to anticipate how it is going to appear on the billboard. The image translation might take-off track if it is not well predicted. Hence the ideal situation needs to be calculated. To understand an image’s print size, divide the dimensions of the width and height of the image by 300. 300 is the maximum number of pixels per inch that a high-quality print can accommodate.

No Scaling Up

Photos should never be rescaled while relying upon and using photo editing software. This feature of resizing results in a heavy increase of pixels in the image that stops its enlargement.

Vector Graphics

Vector graphics, being made up of paths, are easier to use in comparison to JPEG or JPG. Vector images can easily be scaled up without increasing pixels or blocks or loss of quality.

Automatic Error Fixes

Investing in software that can automatically check the errors in the graphics can save you a lot of time. Many software helps to find the potential printing errors that might arise so you can fix them to get a flawless large format print.

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