Abu Dhabi launches exclusive benefits for golden visa holders

The emirate of Abu Dhabi is enticing investors by offering special business privileges to those who hold a golden visa.

A part of the Department of Economic Development, the Abu Dhabi Residents Office, says they will be eligible for discounts and incentives on automobiles, property, health care, hospitality, and health insurance. As part of its mission, the emirate hopes to help  UAE Golden Visa holders integrate into Abu Dhabi’s business community and encourage further investment in the region’s economic growth. The introduction of 10-year-long “golden visas” aims to entice “special workers and foreign investors” to make long-term investments in the UAE.

According to the office, Abu Dhabi’s golden visa programme allows skilled professionals to stay in the emirate for ten years. Science and knowledge professionals such as doctors, scientists or inventors are included in this category.

Entrepreneurs and investors in the emirate and gifted creatives and athletes are all welcome to apply for the programme.  According to the office’s website, students and high-schoolers in Abu Dhabi are eligible for a “golden visa,” which covers their parents and siblings. Companies from various industries have partnered with the office to provide the incentives.

As part of its efforts to stimulate foreign investment in the United Arab Emirates, the Abu Dhabi Residents Office (ADRO) has announced specific advantages for holders of golden visas in the UAE’s capital (UAE). After signing agreements with various top companies and organisations in the automobile, real estate, healthcare, hotel, health insurance, and banking industries, ADRO realised its goals and expanded its reach.

Golden visa holders are entitled to unique benefits.

  • According to the business relationships established by the Abu Dhabi Regional Organization, holders of UAE Golden Visa will be eligible to earn discounts on selected Imkan properties.
  • Banks, including Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank and First Abu Dhabi Bank, will provide real estate golden visa investors discounted mortgage fixed-interest rates, while non-real estate investors will be able to take advantage of attractive savings account rates from participating institutions.
  • Among the advantages are promotions from major global brands. In the automotive industry, golden visa holders will benefit from price reductions on specific car models, priority booking for new releases, payment facilities, maintenance offerings, and licencing services.
  • For those interested in luxury travel, ADRO has released a list of premium destinations that feature accommodations and dining options and spa treatments, gyms, and other amenities.
  • Health insurance prices for families and individuals will be cut for Golden Visa holders, who will also benefit from a wide range of perks both within the UAE and overseas.

“Extraordinary workers and international investors” were allowed to establish more permanent residence in the United Arab Emirates by introducing golden visas, which are valid for up to ten years. The golden visa programme in Abu Dhabi is the first of its type in the area, providing bright and specialist individuals with long-term residency for five or ten years.