All Options with the Ebay Sales Now


With the holidays coming up, every occasion is good to try to increase ebay sales. E-commerce should actually worry about selling all year round. If your site is struggling to register ebay sales, you are probably not implementing the best strategies to increase ebay sales.

Most e-commerce owners quit before making a sale, especially when they have no idea how to proceed. The reasons behind these failures are many:

  • user behavior is unknown
  • you do not choose a correct ebay sales channel
  • a profitable and suitable niche is not chosen

In all three cases, the abandonments are due to a lack of perseverance, patience and desire to emerge . Believing that earning Online is easy is an old myth that is hard to die, in reality there is nothing more complicated, especially when you start with a knife, without any design in hand. Fortunately, practice and experience suggest that with a few tricks it is possible to do business online, sell products and services, and ultimately launch an E-commerce based business. Here are the most important.

Create a content marketing plan to support ebay sales

Many continue to rely on product sheets to sell, without providing for any editorial plan. But the content sells and helps place products for its own characteristics. How do you want to reach customers? Who are your potential new customers? What problems do the products you offer solve? If you somehow answer these questions, you will be able to put down an editorial plan, which must be accompanied by a study on keywords to bring out the really interested users. Using the eBay business account is useful in this case.

Use lists to create an automated email marketing campaign

The heart ofInbound Marketing, which we often talk about in our Blog, is business automation. If you are able to collect a list of contacts, you can monetize it over time, creating a constant loyalty with the user who has just signed up. You can send them suggestions, purchase proposals, gift certificates, discounts and not just during the holiday season, but whenever you feel it is right . There are platforms that manage all these aspects in an automated way, managing the subscription to the newsletter starting from the first sale or registration.

Use Social Media like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube

If so many people are on the web today, it is because there are social network sites like Facebook. Thanks to these sites you can take advantage of friends, family, making yourself known. According to recent research, nearly 9 out of 10 users are willing to buy a product or service if it is recommended by a relative or friend. Furthermore, three out of four believe that advertisements tend to be misleading and do not promise what they deliver.

So why not sell your products thanks to the recommendations of the Friendship Networks of the Social Networks(i.e. your own contacts and those of others)? You could make your first sale simply by updating your Facebook status. Who buys online trusts the advice for purchases generated with online shares.


Publish a Facebook update from the company page, trying to take advantage of the principles of persuasion such as that of scarcity, for example with a limited offer in price and availability. Use Facebook Groups and Online Communities to reach more and more potential customers. Contact the administrators of the page to ask for a promotion of your products, which of course must be in line with the topic of the group.