Business Shares 2020 — The Best and Worst Performing Stocks 2020

Within the next lines we will examine the performance of the leading international stock market index and business shares’ value since the start of the year.

After a massive fall in February and March, the indexes have tended to rebound since then. But another drop is expected for the end of this year.

In the United States, the least affected economy in this crisis, the Nasdaq 100 index has bounced the fastest on the stock market. The Nasdaq has risen 11.5% over the year, and up 39% since the March trough, reaching new highs never reached.

 Nasdaq is followed by the Dow Jones which is still down -10.4% over the year, but up almost 38% since in March. Finally, the S&P 500 has dropped -5.5% since the start of the year and has rebounded 36% from its March low.

On European stock markets, the CAC 40 still lost -19.5% in 2020, which was the worst performance among global stock market indexes. The Paris stock market has regained 24% since March whilst the German DAX 30 has dropped -9.6% this year, rising 37% since the beginning of 2020.

  1. Business Shares Trends | April – June 2020 Data 2020

The business shares with the highest value on the global stock market in the American S&P 500, were Regeneron Pharmaceutical (60.1%), Nvidia (53.1%), and PayPal (43.7%). Other stocks such as Amazon (40.3%), Abiomed (39.5%), and Netflix (34.5%) also recorded steady increases.

In April, the business shares of the oil company Apache was the biggest loser with a fall of -83.7%. In June, it lost “only” -47.5%. Other stocks in the sector also significantly rebounded. However, from April, the energy stocks rebounded overall, thanks to the rebound in oil prices.

In the upward direction, Regeneron Pharmaceutical confirmed its outperformance with an increase of 30%. Citrix Systems, showing an increase of 25.1% only in the first half of June. Netflix, in the third position with a 16% increase, remained well oriented.




In June, some business shares on the Dow Jones stock market took advantage of the global market rebound.

Microsoft (19.8%), Apple (16.2%), and Home Depot (11%) have double-digit gains since the start of the year. Far behind, Walmart (1.5%), Visa (1.4%), and Intel (1.3%) are the other three stocks to register profits this year.

Zoom Video Communications and Tesla stocks are showing triple-digit growth from the begging of 2020. Zoom jumped 225.6% this year, and when it comes to Tesla, its shares fell under $1000 last weekend. However, Tesla climbed 134.2%, reaching the symbolic level of $1,000 by the beginning of June.

Having the latest data in mind, you can decide for one of the next investment strategies: one of them is to buy stocks that have performed well despite the crash and should still perform well during and after the crisis. Also, you can buy business shares that have lost a lot on the stock market in a temporary crisis, but it can exponentially bounce in the long term. The riskiest option is advised only if you think the health crisis will continue: sell short term stocks which could still suffer during the crisis in particular in the US where a fear of a second wave is omnipresent.