How Does SR Bearing Work

Spherical Roller or SR Bearings are the rolling element in mechanical applications that allow smooth rotation and low friction. The Spherical roller bearings seem like a wheel and work differently from other rotating shafts or g systems. Here, below, we have discussed the SR bearings design, functionality, working principle, and advantages. The Spherical roller bearing mainly works to control the friction and rotation speed of the ring.

A Design

A Spherical roller (SR) bearing has rolling elements (balls or rollers), along with an outer and inner ring. In these SR bearings, a rotating shaft in the inner rings is supported and misaligned with the outer ring. The design of the SR bearing helps the operation to go smooth and soft, along with reducing friction. SR Bearing rings and rolling elements are made up of different materials, of which high carbon chromium ‘Chrome steel’ is the common one.

Working Principle

SR bearings (ตลับลูกปืน LM Guide SR, which is the term in Thai) are of barrel shape, and their rolling elements help in the motion of the rotational shaft and reduce sliding friction. The working of SR bearing promotes effective and efficient results by reducing the heat generation frequency and increasing longevity. The force applied to bearings to support the rotation of the machine. So, this SR bearing even helps the rotation shaft maintain its correct position. Moreover, it helps the rotational shaft from any damage due to the force applied.

Advantages of SR Bearings

Low Friction: SR bearings control the orbital motion of its rolling elements. Thus, SR bearings help in reducing friction. The lowering of friction promotes efficiency and longevity even after wear and tear of bearing.

Capacity: SR bearings can manage to uplift the loads of heavy radial and axial shafts. The design of SR bearings helps in distributing load among rolling elements. Thus, SR bearings can carry heavy loads.

Smooth Operation: The rolling elements of the SR bearing make the operation smooth. Due to its effective and efficient running orbital motion, it even enhances high-speed operations and its performance.


To conclude, SR bearings heavy-duty applications. Such bearing works for industrial operations in the functions of mining machines, construction vehicles, marine vessels, wind turbines, and many more. So, Spherical Roller Bearing is a complete solution for industries that require capacity to load in terms of bearings. Moreover, for operating machines effectively and efficiently.