Is Fume Extraction Necessary?

Fume extraction is a necessary aspect when it comes to manufacturing and assembly operations as many harmful gases and fumes will be released into the air and could be unsafe for the work area. A fume extraction system will determine the health and safety of the work force of the company. It is also a standard required by the law to maintain a healthy work environment for the employees involved.

What is the need fora fume extraction system?

In all sorts of workshops involving welding and soldering, there will be the emission of gases and fumes that might be harmful to the health of the workers. These gases could contain various toxins that can result in dangerous health hazards. The welding applications cause increased exposure to manganese toxins, which can target the respiratory issues and the central nervous system. The prolonged exposure to such gases might result in the formation of various types of cancers in the lungs and larynx.

The soldering applications can increase the exposure of lead oxide fumes to the workers that, in the long term, can result in the formation of diseases like asthma and dermatitis. They can also cause skin rashes and even nausea and vomiting.

Nail salons are another industry that requires a fume extraction system as there is the emission of vapors and odors that include ethyl methacrylate, PMMA, and benzoyl peroxide, which are damaging to both employees and customers. If a customer ever feels nauseated while being in the salon due to the vapors, the chances of them coming back will be slim. This could affect your salon business in a wrong way.

Why do I need a fume extraction system?

If inhaled, the fumes can be very hazardous to your health. Continuous exposure to such gases can result in severe respiratory issues. Statistics show that around 3 million people working under such circumstances suffer from a work-related illness (as of 2016/17)

Having a fume extraction system in place will help protect the health of your employees and also comply with the regulations and standards as per the law and the government. You would not have to worry about health compensation claims over the inadequate protection. Such an installation will thereby improve the overall safety of the workspace.


The fume extraction system is a primary necessity in the workspace in order to ensure the overall health of the people working there. It proves to prevent a significant health hazard and must be installed in all workplaces as per the law.