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List of Procedures You’ll have to Go Through When Importing Goods to US

Importing goods to America follows a stringent route that all importers have to follow. Discrepancy of any sort will delay clearance and may, at times, lead to complete rejection of the parcel altogether.

In order to ensure that your cargo suffers from no such ill-fate, read through our guide to importing to USA that has been listed below.

  1. Process Begins With the Export Vendor

The exporter must take care of providing all the necessary details about the consignment before sending it off to the US. The most important things are listed below.

  • Customs invoice should make a mention of product description, unit/peace, HTS classification Code, and manufacturer’s details.
  • All the documents tagged along the cargo should be government affiliated.

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  1. Entry Rights

Remember, only your appointed broker or you (the consignee) can import goods.

Also, you need is a commercial invoice for importing in the US.

Additional Details to include in the Invoice are:

  • Port of entry.
  • Contact details of all parties involved in the trade.
  • Date of purchase and cost per item.
  1. Bond for Payment Surety

You can buy an annual bond or a single-entry bond provided by US custom brokers in order to declare that all your goods are paid for.

  1. Examination

Once the consignment arrives at the destined port, CBP checks it for quality before clearing it for warehouse storage or dispatch.

  1. Warehouse Transportation

The importer can pick the following ways to store and transport goods.

  • A custom warehouse can be purchased for storing goods.
  • Licensed transportation service providers can carry the consignment to the importer’s warehouse or amazon warehouse.

The difference being, when the goods are being transported to some other warehouse beyond the CBP border, they have to get the label of ‘bonded status’ for legal transit.

That said, there are some specific classifications you must know about when importing goods.

Formal Entries

Formal entries require the importer to buy a bond worth more than 2500 USD. These are mostly for commercial use.

Informal Entries

Informal entries, on the other hand, are priced below 2500 USD. These are mostly for personal use.

A special class of informal entries is Section 321 that’s meant for goods that cost less than 800 USD. The importer doesn’t have to pay duty and tax on such imports.

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