Planning a Road Trip? Here Are Some Must-Have Add-Ons For You

Road trips are a fun way to explore the route as well as the destination that you are visiting. These road trips can be either for a weekend or spanning more than a few days. Whatever it is, you as well as your vehicle, need to be prepared to tackle the tricky terrains that might come along the way.

You certainly do not want your car to breakdown en-route disturbing your plans, so how do you make sure your trip is smooth and hassle-free? Get a car insurance! Car insurance is the safety net that will save you from unprecedented circumstances like breakdowns and accidents. Whether you buy car insurance online or offline, you have the option to top it up with various add-ons. Add-ons, as the name suggests, are additional features that can be loaded to your existing car insurance policy.

Let us look at some essential add-ons that can come handy on your next road trip.

24×7 Roadside assistance cover

Mechanical breakdown to your car can never be predicted. Even if you have your vehicle inspected before the trip, there always remains a slight chance of breakdown due to technical and mechanical faults. To be prepared for these inopportune times, you should consider purchasing a roadside assistance cover. In case you are stranded on the road with no immediate help, you can request a towing service by your insurance company to a reliable service station. Not only during road trips, but also during other times, roadside assistance cover can come handy.

Passenger cover

When you purchase a comprehensive car insurance policy, the owner-driver is provided with a personal accident cover, but no cover is available for passengers. Road trips can be long, and it becomes necessary to secure the passengers too. Passenger covers are available with varying sum assured amounts. Selecting an adequate passenger cover is crucial when heading out for long road journeys.

Zero depreciation add-on

Zero depreciation add-on is an absolute no-brainer when it comes to selecting add-ons for your car insurance policy. In case of any damage or accident, the insurance company otherwise pays the claim amount after reducing the depreciation on your vehicle. Depreciation forms a substantial component of your insurance claim and claiming without such zero depreciation cover can require you paying for repairs at the time of claim. This cover can be useful not only during road trips, but also at other situations when you are making a claim.

Personal belongings cover

When you are on a road trip, you tend to carry most of your gadgets like a laptop, tablet and even mobile phones to keep you entertained at all times. But in case of an unfortunate mishap where your belongings are stolen, it may be a substantial financial liability. To avoid these events of theft and burglary, it is advised you purchase a personal belongings cover.

These add-ons can either be bought either at the initial purchase or later at the time of car insurance renewal. Also, planning for a road trip does not mean your insurance cover will have you covered, but you need to prepare your car too. Checking your car’s vitals, carrying appropriate rare but vital spares, fluids and oils in case of emergency can help you stay prepared. Ensure you have a safety kit too and check for the conditions of your tyres.

While these tips are some that will help you plan your travels well, do not miss out on an insurance cover. Various alternatives are available in the market and to get a suitable one, do not forget to compare car insurance before buying any.