Save Money with Flat Rate Credit Card Processing

What is flat-rate credit card processing?

You can save a lot of money with the flat rate credit card processing. This is considered a billing platform in which merchants are charged one fixed discount rate irrespective of volume or type of card transactions.


Among all the other billing platforms in credit card processing, this unique type of billing is regarded as the most convenient and beneficial for a merchant for several reasons. In some cases, merchant service providers may masquerade the pricing options as the flat rate. Still, the merchants often get surprised while finding a list of the other incomprehensible fees on the statement. But in the case of actual flat-rate pricing, a merchant is to be charged some percentage of the processed volume. It is likely to be a minimal fee per each transaction or as some monthly fees but nothing more than that.

This billing method is beneficial for you and your business, depending on whether it covers what it does not. For instance, whether this rate is equal to or lower than individual fees or the processor’s fees. Some useful analysis and breakdown of such costs are needed to determine this billing method’s benefits and perks properly.

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After adequately reviewing the credit card processing statements of a merchant, the merchant service provider is likely to explore many essential aspects of your business. This analysis and knowledge will be helpful in determining whether this service is be beneficial for you or not.

Tips to save money with flat rate credit card processing

  • Choose the right credit card processing company

It is essential to choose the right credit card service provider. If a company offers the lowest credit card processing fees or rates does not necessarily make it cheapest. There could be other variable or hidden processing fees that can make you pay even more. This is why you should do your research well and find the right credit service provider.

  • Negotiate

While looking for a credit card service provider, you are really required to negotiate to lower the processing fees to be charged by the company. Two things to be kept in your mind in this regard, such as your business and your need. It is significant to determine the volume of transactions your business makes per month. If there are a lot of transactions, then availing of lower transaction fees automatically brings down the total cost.

  • Check out the pricing quotes

Do not just settle for a single credit card service provider at the first go. You need to shop around and get several pricing quotes from the different credit card companies. If you come across the cheapest service provider after considering other factors and aspects, then you can go for it.

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