Top 4 Forms of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is an issue that occurs across all populations and needs to be addressed. Unless you learn more about what can be considered domestic violence, you may find yourself in an abusive relationship and not even know it. 

Domestic violence is a subject that many people are not educated on, and it is very important to learn how to spot this abuse in order to know what you can do to show enough self-empowerment and strength to report it. A family lawyer can help you realize all of these options, and they can also be there to help you with any legal aspects, such as a restraining order, if necessary. 

There are a number of forms in which domestic violence can occur, and understanding the different types can help you assess your situation. Here is some information about the most common types of domestic abuse:

  • Physical violence

Physical violence is the most common form of domestic violence, and it can occur in many forms. The most common forms of physical violence include hitting, pushing, hitting with an object, choking, or strangling. A family lawyer can help you better understand what would be considered physical abuse.

  • Sexual violence

Sexual violence is an issue that occurs more often than you might think. The signs of rape are hard to miss because they involve physical injury. Sexual violence can include many forms of abuse such as forcing someone to perform sexual acts or being forced into sexual acts. The most common form of sexual violence is a forced sex act, but it also can include unwanted touching or penetration. 

  • Psychological violence

Psychological abuse is a form of domestic abuse that is extremely hard to detect. With psychological abuse, the victim may not show any symptoms of physical or sexual violence. The victim might not appear to be under the abuser’s influence. This can result in major damage that is often left unsaid or undiscovered. A family lawyer can help you better understand what your options are if you experience psychological abuse.

  • Economic violence

Economic violence is a form of domestic violence that can be hard to detect. While it tends to be more subtle, it can still leave major damage and cause many different forms of abuse. Economic abuse can include financial abuse and other forms of harassment. A family lawyer can help you better understand what your options are if you experience economic abuse.