What Are the Benefits of ADA Graphic Tiles?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was put into place to help countless Americans who live with disabilities. Some of the most common disabilities that people live with include mobility issues, vision issues, and even hearing problems. One of the tools that can help people with disabilities is called ADA graphic tiles. These graphic tiles have a number of benefits that everyone should note. These benefits pertain not only to people with disabilities but also to the general public as a whole.

They Provide Texture for People with Disabilities

One of the most frequently overlooked benefits of graphic tiles is that they can be textured to help people with disabilities. For example, if someone has vision problems and cannot see whatever is printed on the tiles, they can be raised, rugged, or dotted so that people feel the surface changing. This can serve an as important warning if someone is approaching the edge of a ramp, a staircase, or a busy street. This texture is incredibly helpful to those who need tactile warnings instead of visual or sound-related warnings.

They Do Not Require Translation

Furthermore, these graphic tiles do not require translation. One of the issues with standard warnings is that they often need to be read and understood. Instead, these graphic tiles can operate using pictures or graphics. These could be standard images of trains, cars, or other important information that can be used to keep people safe. These graphic tiles can be stylized with large, obvious images and textures that let people know that danger is approaching.

They Can Still Be Stylish

Finally, these graphic tiles can still be stylish as well. Sure, lots of people want to make sure the final product looks good. The good news is that there are trained professionals who are responsible for stylizing these tiles. They can make sure the color scheme and graphics themselves communicate important information while still remaining stylish and appealing to the surrounding areas. Just because these graphic tiles are meant to provide warnings and aid those with disabilities doesn’t mean they can’t also look good!

Rely on ADA Graphic Tiles

These are only a few of the main benefits of using ADA graphic tiles. While these graphic tiles do provide numerous benefits for those who live every day with disabilities, they are also helpful for the general public as a whole. Anyone who is looking for a versatile flooring system should consider going with these graphic tiles. They can still be stylish even while they provide numerous functional benefits.