Your Disability Claim Was Rejected?

Many people hope to qualify for government disability assistance. In fact, thousands of people every day attend a disability hearing in the hopes of being granted federal disability benefits. Whether it’s due to unemployment, a broken marriage, or old age, most people who apply for disability benefits likely have a good reason for requiring financial support.

But the truth is that the vast majority of applications are turned down. On average, just 23% of first-time applicants are granted approval in the United States. Numerous disabled individuals seek advice on how to improve their disability application approval odds. There are a number of things that may be done to increase a person’s chances of having their disability application granted, but many people also wonder why their applications are denied.

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Reasons for Refusing Disability Claims

No Adequate Medical Justifications

Most disability claims are rejected because the applicant either did not provide sufficient medical evidence of their impairment or did not submit all required documentation. Even if a person has a severe handicap that fits the government rule or “listing,” they may be refused benefits if they can’t provide sufficient medical documentation. It’s crucial that the government is aware of all of the doctors you’ve seen and the dates you saw them. Concealed facts can aid no official decision. Hence disclosure is essential.

Overconfident in One’s Financial Situation

It’s the law of the land that some people have too much disposable income to be eligible for government assistance. In the eyes of the government, you are considered “not disabled” if you work full-time. The government’s definition of full-time work, known as “substantial gainful activity” (SGA), can be a bit murky. In 2019, if you work fewer than 20 hours per week, you can qualify for food stamps with a monthly income of $1,220. It’s likely that your request may be denied if you either make too much money or take longer than 20 hours to complete it. That situation definitely places folks in a tough spot.

Permanent Disability

Those who are currently disabled or anticipate becoming disabled in the future may qualify for disability benefits. Long-term means at least a year in the eyes of the government. Even if you’ve been fully unable to work for months at a time, your claim will likely be denied if your disability hasn’t lasted or isn’t expected to persist for a year.