5 Least Expensive Real Estate Areas in Sunderland

The average home price in Sunderland makes it one of the more attractive places to live for bargain hunters. Sunderland itself offers several locations mostly in or near the city that offer substantial bargains in housing. Couple this with the overall shopping, amenities, and easy commuting and you have the five least expensive real estate areas in the greater Sunderland area.

What follows are two areas within the SR1 postcode. These are communities located in the heart of Sunderland with an average home price of just under £97,000. However, this area has seen a price increase of over 9% in just the past five years, so these prices will not last long.

City Centre

The heart of the city is its centre which offers exceptional value for cash buyers. When combined with its location, you can commute to the business district and some of the major shopping areas fairly easily. Bridges Shopping Centre is one of the major attractions, complete with eateries and bars for entertainment. Plus, there is the celebrated Sunderland Museum & Winter Garden that shows off the history of mining in the region.

East End

Not far from the city centre is the East End which offers plenty of activities for individuals and couples just starting out. As the name suggests, this area is located near the Sunderland docks in Sunniside. There are plenty of good places to dine, things to do such as visit the Beamish Living Museum, and places to see such as the celebrated Angel of the North. There are also good shopping and historic locations such as Durham Castle.

The next two communities of Sunderland which offer relatively cheap real estate are located in the SR8 postcode. The average price in this region is around £131,000 and offers several amenities that make them attractive places for someone purchasing a home for the first time.


With just over 2,000 residents, Easington is one of the smallest communities that offers affordable real estate. The town itself dates back to before the Norman invasion, but there are plenty of modern homes and conveniences that Easington offers. A former mining town which is typical of the area, the community has been modernized thanks in part to showcasing the older homes and buildings.


For those who want to be away from the heart of the city, yet still have exceptional commuting opportunities, the former mining village of Horden is an excellent choice. Located just 12 miles from Sunderland, this community offers small town living while still having big city opportunities. It helps that this area does have good shopping and a friendly atmosphere.

Finally, we have the SR5 postcode that offers homes with an average price of £160,000. The most notable community in the area is Carley Hill.


Located just north of the River Wear at the east end, Castletown is not surprisingly and old mining town just like most of the rest in the region. However, in recent years this town of 3,000 has been renovated to include much in the way of new housing estates. In addition, there are good shopping, dining, and eateries in the area according to property experts Quick Property Buyer.