6 Ways to Cut Maintenance Costs For Your Business  


Whether you operate a retail store in the middle of a city centre or an office on the edge of town, maintenance will form a big part of your overall budget. Below, we’ve put together some simple ways to cut your maintenance costs and become a more streamlined business.

Simplify your procedures


Perhaps the most obvious way to cut maintenance costs is to review your current procedures for facilities maintenance and think about any unnecessary or redundant tasks that can be replaced with newer and more efficient practices. It may also be time to invest in efficient, streamlined equipment – whilst an upfront expense, it can offer real cost savings.

Review your equipment


The chances are that your teams don’t understand the ins and outs of your machinery and equipment, so allow them to spend time familiarizing themselves with user manuals. It’s very important that your machinery is used only in the way in which it is designed to be done so, and for the recommended period of time. If you’re using outdated equipment or using it in an incorrect manner, you could result in unnecessary breakdowns and frequently repair jobs.

Invest in an FM provider


Though hiring a maintenance team in-house makes sense for larger organisations, the truth is that small businesses can’t afford a permanent handyman around the place. That’s where a company offering facilities management services comes in – they can deliver the expertise you need, without charging you for a full-time member of staff. Shop around for the right one

Invest in training

Something else that cannot be overlooked is training. Check that your work processes are optimised and up-to-date and train your maintenance staff to within an nth degree. Investing in regular, consistent training for your teams not only ensures that staff are safe and you’re meeting insurance requirements, but it helps to iron out any bad habits within your teams.

Look at your schedules

The truth is that you can’t always predict breakdowns and repairs, but you can use preventative maintenance to minimize potential downtime. Maintaining all of your equipment and machinery on a regular basis will reduce the chances of breakdowns and cut costs and the time needed when dealing with potential repairs. Having an expert on hand to deal with such repairs is essential – sometimes, no amount of in-house training will be enough.

Stop wasting money on budget equipment

Finally, it’s important to mention that businesses will save more money in the long-run by investing in good-quality parts, accessories, and equipment than buying the affordable or budget version. Whether you’re looking for office corner desks or a new production line, it’s recommended that you do your research and choose the very best product in your budget.