Dealing With Mobile Archiving Problems In The Pandemic


The coronavirus pandemic has brought many adjustments into each and every one of our lives. The work from home setup may have brought a few benefits, but it is still a work in progress as humans are naturally social beings. For other companies and regulated entities, one of the common problems is the use of new communication channels. Employees have been required to work at home, so to communicate with their clients, they have been using new channels like Whatsapp and text messages. 

The markets are also more volatile and fragile, which is why communication is important. Data security and privacy threats also abound, and to ensure the best execution, companies are being monitored even during the pandemic.

So how can companies cope with these challenges and remain compliant? One thing companies should be able to do would be to audit all communications after the crisis. All relevant business records should be captured and retained so that the company remains compliant. included in this category are text messages, call recordings, and other mobile communications. To help in this aspect, it would help if companies had the ability to archive text messages and Whatsapp call recording. Companies should also protect sensitive communications through encryption. An efficient way companies can do this is by usingWhatsappand other such apps that are secure but at the same time easy to use. Companies should also prepare their employees to meet the regular requirements. They need to know how to minimize risks and lessen complaints.

 To learn more, here is an infographic by Telemessage.