Do You Want to Ship Your Car From One State to the Other State?

There can be several reasons when you may have to consider shipping your car or any other vehicle from your state to some other state. You may either be shifting your residence, or you may have got a job offer in some other location, or you want to enjoy your holiday at some exotic location in Alabama and also want to drive your own car.

For all such reasons, you can always trust the services of Ship a Car, Inc. and from that, you can ask for Alabama car shipping quotes. They have got a connection with all transport networks in every state and hence can easily transport your car to any location that you may desire.

Now let us explain to you about the whole process how you should go ahead if you have decided to ship your car to some other state.

1.    Try to search for a suitable transport company near you

To start with you need to do research to find a few such car shipping companies in your area and try to know a little more about them and also get their offer.

2.    Compare their services after getting a quote and choose one

After you receive their offer then compare their price and also their terms and conditions. Don’t select your service provider only on the basis of their quoted price.

3.    Book much in advance from the date of your movement

Your car will not be shipped on the same day after you book your car. So, you must book well in advance before you are planning to move. There can always be some delay based on the season.

4.    Check about insurance

You must check with your insurance company whether your car will remain insured while it is getting transported. There can be always some chance of dent or scratch, however careful your transporter may be.

5.    Be aware of state laws and regulations

Every state has its different laws and regulations regarding state-to-state movements of car shipping. It will be better to be aware of them so that you may not have any issues during the last moment.

6.    Get your car serviced before shipping

It is necessary that your car should be in working condition. Car shipping companies will never accept any damaged or nonfunctioning cars during their transportation.

7.    Remove all your expensive accessories and belongings from your car

No transporter will take responsibility for your valuable items kept or fitted in your car. So, before you hand over your car, you must ensure that your car is empty.

8.    Get your car properly inspected and make an inspection report

Before you hand over the car, you must get your car thoroughly inspected and note down if there are any damages like dent or scratches existing. You may also take its photo from different angles.

9.    Hand over the car and then receive at the destination

You may receive your car when it reaches your destination and recheck your car based on the above inspection report prepared by you.