Handling a Road Construction Project? Then, Here’s What You Should Know

More than 20% road accidents that are globally reported are due to the many mishaps that occur at construction sites. Unguarded and under protected road construction sites, thus, pose an equal amount of danger to the construction workers as well as the pedestrians. People forbye, mismanaged sites are responsible for traffic unrest as well. Hence, the need for construction management services provided by firms like Capital Traffic

Nevertheless, an experienced construction firm or a fairly new one handling a large project or a small one, needs different kinds of safety services. And this guide is dedicated to the many such services that you can count upon. Let’s have a look!

  1. The Signage Services

Signboards have been and continue to be one of the best markers so that the public knows there’s construction going on ahead. 

Some of the most important signages that are mandatory at construction sites are:

  • Temporary construction ahead. 
  • Drive slowly
  • Caution : Construction in Progress
  • Road Work Ahead
  • Road Closed
  • Stop
  • Caution : Men at Work

These are but a very few examples. Designers at elite firms like Capital Traffic can get as creative as you want them to in order to come up with bigger and better slogans that people can easily identify from a great distance. 

  1. The Barricading Services

Barricading is just as necessary as signboards. They’re the best ways to create a diversion so that vehicles and traffic can take a detour and follow the safe lanes that are open for traffic. Some of the best traffic barricades and checkpost barricades that have a great visibility include the following. 

  • Traffic cones
  • Concrete Barriers
  • Vertical panel barriers 
  • Delineators

Other than these barricades, there are type 2 and type 3 barricades that are the best options for road safety at night since they are fitted with flashing lights that can easily be seen at night. 

  1. Construction Management Services

Construction management services involve assigning traffic controllers and project managers at the construction site. 

  • Traffic controllers divert and guide the vehicles towards the safe lane. 
  • Project managers visit the site from time to time in order to make sure that the barricading has been done properly and the signboards are placed in such a way that they are clearly visible. 

These are the 3 best services that are quite relevant to road construction. You can also visit Capital Traffic website, to explore more such services and their benefits.