Problems with commercial garage doors supplier Canada

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Commercial garage doors, like residential garage doors, are an important component of keeping your facility safe and providing you and your staff access to critical sections of your business. When they aren’t operating correctly, they can cause issues in both of these areas, and the source of the problem isn’t always obvious.

Fortunately, a commercial garage door supplier in Canada has seen it all, so a short phone call for service will have them at your site to determine if you have one of these typical problems.

  • Having Power Issues

Unless you have a manually controlled garage door (which is uncommon at a business building), it will require adequate electricity to function. A problem with the power source may be preventing your garage door from rising or lowering at all. Most commercial garage doors will need to be inspected by a professional repair business since doing it on your own might put you in danger.

  • Photo Eye That Isn’t Aligned

Today’s garage doors include sensors on both sides that prevent them from closing if they can’t “see” each other. It’s a safety precaution that should prevent the door from closing on someone or something that might be damaged, but it also means that if one of your picture eyes is bumped or damaged, the door won’t shut since the route is obstructed and it’s hazardous to do so.

  • Damage to the path

Commercial garage doors operate on a metal track and can lead to difficulties with the garage door opening or shutting if the door is broken or disrupted. The easiest thing to look for is the spacing of the rail and rollers on the track or the actual damage (bending) to the metal. A hefty garage door that rolls up and down tracks several times a day, or merely every day, might lead to little damage over time so make sure it is addressed if your problem is noticed.

  • Doors That Refuse to Open

When you press the button on a heavy commercial garage door with broken springs, it may not move up at all. The torsion springs on the side of the garage door are what do the hard lifting to open the door, therefore if any portion of the spring is damaged, the door will not be able to open. These require the assistance of a professional garage door repair business, since repairing them may be a risky operation.

Our technicians have years of expertise working on a wide range of commercial garage doors in the area, from little storefronts to big manufacturing factories, firehouses, and restaurant fronts. For all of your business garage door needs, give us a call now.