Protect the security of your Bitcoin assets with coin mixers

If you make payments using Bitcoin one of the main safety aspects is the protection of personal information of crypto-wallets holders. The analysis of blockchains by hackers carries risks for Bitcoin assets of customers. This is the main reason to ensure the advanced anonymity of digital transactions and crypto wallet addresses. Take into consideration that as an innovative mixing service provides total anonymity and the security of your funds.

Ensuring inability of the tracking process

The mixing services have special functions that provide protection against blockchain analysis in order to prevent tracking users’ information by other people. The availability of crypto blockchain networks applies trustworthiness of digital assets, which considers their value. From this point of view, digital transaction analysis allows hackers to identify certain customers who are using coins. Mixing services do not allow tracking transactions in order to prevent these unfair activities.

When transactions are mixing, Bitcoin mixers use early prepared coins that have already been cleared up from different addresses. Moreover, users don’t have to wait for confirmation of all digital transactions involved in the mixing process that begins immediately if you don’t use the deferred payment, that directly complicates the analysis of blockchain. The return of your coins is protected and will not allow your identification. 

The randomization feature of each digital transaction greatly increases the complexity of tracking. The additional protection is applied with the preferable ability to change the commission from 0.4 up to 4% of the number of mixing. This strategy of considering the percentage of the fee directly complicates the cryptocurrency analysis. You can provide changing the level of the coin cleaning the fee both manually and automatically. What’s more, mixing services are applying easy navigation via a user-friendly interface available for customers in different languages.