The Requirements Of A Good Conveyor System Manufacturer


A conveyor system means the movement of mechanical equipment and components from one place to another. Conveyor systems requirement is in majority industries like construction, automobile, defense, aerospace, medical equipment, medicines, food, beverages, packaging, mining, agriculture, logistics, warehouse, sortation, and many more. They are in use at stadiums, airports, restaurants, malls. You name the industry that requires conveyor systems is there. The main advantages of conveyor systems are error-free maximum production, labor reduction, labor cost reduction, and high safety. They are very complex systems. The latest systems use computers, Programmable Logic systems (PLC’s), sensors, Internet of things (IOT’s). Types of conveyor systems are overhead conveyor system, overhead conveyor system, screw conveyors, flat belt conveyors, gravity roller conveyors, powered or motorized roller conveyors, modular belt Conveyors, spiral conveyors, aero-mechanical conveyors, dust-proof conveyors, electric track vehicle systems, plastic belt, and, drag chain conveyors. Manufacturer conveyor systems deal with the production of these types of systems.

The heart of the conveyor system is the electric motor. AC or DC motors find usage. AC motors derive more torque, take more loads and current. Use in single direction conveyors and vertical application conveyors. DC motors are more efficient. Four types — permanent magnet, series, shunt, and compound DC motors.

Manufacturer conveyor systems need to keep many points under their radar for an effective conveyor system. The system needs tailor-made for an application. The human-machine interface needs programmable and efficient for various types of loads. It needs to be ahead of technology. The materials used should be wear-resistant and high impact like Tivar, High-Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE), polyurethane, nylon, Ultra High Molecular Weight Polythene (UHMW). High quality, low cost, and after-sales service are very critical for manufacturers of conveyor systems. The conveying media, like rollers, screws, chains, belts, chute, wheel, should be manufactured with utmost precision with zero error tolerance.

The environment of use needs considering for a conveyor system. Temperature, pressure, vibration, fragility, flammable products, high humidity, and hazardous material in the facility need discussion with a conveyor manufacturer. It determines the countermeasures, potential risks, cross-contamination, and workarounds needed. System size compared to the workspace room available and fitment alongside existing equipment need consideration.

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Conveyor systems are a rapidly growing and big booming industry. It is bound to grow to around $11 billion in 2025. A growth of 4.5% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) in 2020-2025. The advance of high technology Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics make things more exciting. It could grow even more rapidly than projected as the demand could increase with the advent of new technologies. Manufacturer conveyor systems needs to quickly adapt given the rising demand and also keep abreast of technology and changing demands from the industries.