Tips For Taking Abstract Macro Photographs

Macro photography is always fascinating. I suppose it is because it forces us to stop before the world that goes unnoticed before our eyes because it is like a stop on the way to the rush that takes us from one side to the other and that does not allow us to see the greatness, the magic or the beauty of the little things around us. I don’t know what macro photography has, but the truth is that it fascinates us. Adding it up with a free Mac photo editing software which you can find here will give you the actual quality you need.

Take Advantage Of Textures

The texture has the ability to transport and stimulate our sense of touch, entering the image through the imagination of what it feels like when we touch it.

Play With Color

Colour allows us to express ourselves as if it were a language. Playing with it can be a way to enrich your image: warm, cold, combined, contrasting colours.

Experiment With Depth Of Field And Focus

Although we always say that in macro photography a good approach is essential, when we talk about abstract photography there are no rules. Abstraction is so personal that it is best to let your imagination and creativity run wild.

Experiment With New Techniques

While flowers and bugs are the star themes in macro photography, the possibilities are endless. Try other materials or new techniques such as high speed, in-built image editor and formal possibilities and the game that this type of images can give you.

Experiment With New Materials

A few drops of oil, some screws, some pencils, a shoelace, everyone is at your disposal, do not put limits to your imagination, see what you can achieve with a few drops of oil mixed with water on a blue background.


Taking things out of context, especially in macro photography, where the photographed elements get so big, is easy and helps, even more, to work with the idea of ​​abstraction. For example, the image below is about a pepper seed.