Types, Uses & The Definition Of CNC Machining Centre

The CNC Machining Center is compatible to perform several complex tasks and can achieve complete automatic processing using computers. It is the most advanced equipment on the market for machining parts. Not only can it process parts, but it can also design them. This top-quality CNC machining center has a high degree of accuracy and efficiency.

The CNC machine center is commonly named CNC lathe, CNC turning center, or by the brand name HSK. A CNC machine replaces the manual work with the machine components where you can expect high-quality work at the possible lowest time.

What Are The Uses Of The CNC Machine Center

  • A powerful CNC Machining Center can be used for a wide variety of machining necessities. Along with improving production time, Modern machine tools are flexible enough to handle the complexities of today, providing precision and accuracy in all machining needs. The ultimate goal is to be more done with fewer machines and fewer human resources.
  • CNC machine center is mainly for lathe machines, drilling, milling, shaping processing, and other different processing of the turners. The lathe machine category includes CNC vertical lathe machine, CNC horizontal lathe machine, CNC turret lathe machine. The milling machine category includes CNC milling machines.
  • The CNC Machining Center is a modern device, allowing the manufacturing of parts in one single operation. This way, it is possible to save cost and time of manufacturing, and consequently, the production costs are reduced. Furthermore, all possible machining operations can be performed with the help of various milling apparatus installed on the machine arrangement table.

The Types of CNC

  • Horizontal Machining Center

Horizontal machining centers (HMC) are ideally suited for highly complex machining tasks. These machines are fitted with four or six tool turrets, each of which is equipped with three individually driven tools, making them highly flexible. 

  • Universal Machining Center

The UMC is another type of CNC machine that can perform horizontally where you can spindle tooling and shaft to swing it horizontal and vertical direction.

  • Vertical Machining Center

It is a combination of a milling machine and a lathe. There is a spindle with an electric motor that runs on the Z-axis and holds the workpiece rotated by the cross-slide. A tool turret has cutting tools such as internal or external thread cutting tools, drill sets, boring bars, or end mills and collets for changeovers from one tool to another.