What Foundations Have Helped With Children and Childcare?

Several foundations and organizations are dedicated to supporting children and childcare initiatives through grants, funding, and resources. These organizations focus on areas such as child welfare, early childhood education, child health, and childcare access. Here are some foundations that have historically supported children and childcare:

  1. **Annie E. Casey Foundation:** This foundation focuses on improving the well-being of children in the United States, with an emphasis on child welfare, early childhood, and family support programs.
  1. **W.K. Kellogg Foundation:** The Kellogg Foundation supports initiatives related to early childhood education, children’s health, and equitable opportunities for children.
  1. **Robert Wood Johnson Foundation:** This foundation addresses children’s health and well-being, with a focus on access to healthcare, nutrition, and physical activity.
  1. **Save the Children:** Save the Children provides resources and grants to support children’s health, education, and protection, particularly in underserved communities.
  1. **The David and Lucile Packard Foundation:** This foundation supports initiatives related to early childhood, healthcare, and education for children, with a focus on low-income families.
  1. **The Gates Foundation:** While known for its global health work, the Gates Foundation also supports initiatives related to education and access to healthcare, which benefit children and families.
  1. **Child Care Aware of America:** This organization advocates for affordable, high-quality childcare and provides resources to parents and providers.
  1. **Heising-Simons Foundation:** The foundation focuses on early childhood education and development, including investments in organizations that support young children.
  1. **The Kresge Foundation:** Kresge supports early childhood programs and organizations working to improve conditions for low-income children and families.
  1. **The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation:** The Hewlett Foundation invests in education initiatives that benefit children and youth, particularly in California.
  1. **Bernard van Leer Foundation:** This foundation focuses on early childhood development and invests in programs that improve the well-being of young children.
  1. **The Foundation for Child Development:** This foundation supports research and initiatives that promote the well-being of children and address challenges in early childhood education.
  1. **Local and Regional Community Foundations:** Many local and regional community foundations offer grants and resources to support childcare and child-focused initiatives in their areas.
  1. **The Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative:** This organization is dedicated to improving outcomes for young people in foster care, offering grants and support to those aging out of the system.
  1. **The Children’s Defense Fund:** This organization advocates for policies that benefit children and provides resources to support children’s health, education, and well-being.

Grants and funding opportunities provided by these organizations can vary widely in terms of focus, eligibility criteria, and application processes. Those interested in childcare and children’s initiatives should explore specific opportunities offered by these foundations and organizations to find the best fit for their projects and programs. Check out for grant sources.