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To find out how Sonas Marketing can target your next product sampling company, arrange a campaign, from targeting consumer identification to increasing brand awareness, contact us for more information. Finally, some products are simply not suitable for in-store sampling, and this is where a company with multiple marketing strategies at its disposal can do the most good. Today, Sampler is the leading digital product sampling platform that helps brands deliver product samples to digital-minded consumers. Sampling marketing is the distribution of test samples to allow people to become familiar with the brand and drive sales.    

Providing free product samples is beneficial to both the brand and the consumer as it supports the company’s generosity. The product selection delivers genuine, personalized, relevant, and lasting positive interactions with target consumers for brands, and this is where Purity specializes. Sample-based marketing is a natural choice for most consumer product (CPG) brands, and with a little creativity, it can work well for both enterprises and service-driven applications. The sales are great, but I understand that brands can have many reasons for using personal marketing activities – the conversion rate of a sample of products is not always measured by sales.    

One product sampling campaign may be better at increasing positive reviews, while another may be better at increasing brand awareness across multiple product lines. A study found that the purchase ratio of consumer product brands that provide free samples is significantly higher than that of brands that do not provide free samples. This state-of-the-art technology provides a wide range of opportunities for brands of all sizes to take advantage of the value and cost-effective drivers behind product sampling.    

In return for the added value, product sampling, like all personal marketing activities, offers unparalleled access to detailed and thoughtful consumer feedback data. However, it is still true that many brands refuse to embrace this strategy for one reason or another: Promobikes’ research found that only 28% of respondents offered product samples in the past three months. Again, this supports the efficiency of the product sampling company: by allowing the consumer to use the product, we reduce customer uncertainty and hence anxiety about their purchasing decision.    

You are part of a select group of buyers who have been invited to share their honest opinions on the various brands we work with. According to a survey conducted by Opinion Research Corp. on behalf of the U.S. Postal Service, this may explain why 81% of consumers said they would try products after receiving samples. Even if you haven’t turned the sampler into a paying customer, offering free samples is a great way to gather feedback from those who have tried a miniature version of your product.    

If people can only claim these free samples when ordering full-priced products, you may be able to incentivize a purchase and cover sample shipping costs. From here, you can see if there is a spike in product sales after offering free samples. Conversely, sample communities and product testing give free things that are bigger, more valuable, and generally harder to get for free.    

STANLEY (r) Sampling Community is a program designed by STANLEY (r) to put some of their new products in your hands in exchange for your honest feedback. The Hanes Sampling Program is a new program developed by Hanesbrands Inc. to put some of its new products in your hands in exchange for your honest feedback. They use Bazaarvoice to create an intimate space where consumers can try their products, both new and well-known.    

With the combined solutions of Bazaarvoice and Influenster, companies now have a strong partner who can help them build relationships with new and existing customers, develop a well-thought-out strategy for UGC and product reviews, and expand their word of mouth.    

The BLACK + DECKERs Sampling community offers you the opportunity to sample free products in exchange for your honest opinion. According to Euromonitor, beauty champions are also the third-factor driving life-size purchases, surpassed only by past experiences and advice from friends and family. In exchange for receiving something from you, they feel obligated to do something “good” in return, such as buying the product as a thank you for the opportunity to sample a sample.    

If she provides customers with free samples of her moisturizer, they can see the positive results of using it before investing in the full-price product. In addition, the sample community’s attitude towards testing products is much easier. Free samples are a great way to break this association and at the same time encourage shoppers to try new products (they will pay the full price).    

Beauty’s Christmas calendars, which contain around two dozen designs, are especially popular in the UK: Liberty department store sold around 20,000 in one week, making the calendars the most successful product. Consumers expect to have products in hand when they participate, and brands are expected to immediately respond or provide the consumer with their request. Affordability: Offer samples directly via social media, brands avoid the typical costs associated with a microsite or custom sampling company. From grocery store tasting trays to department store perfumes, sampling has been a great way for brands to reach potential consumers directly.    

By incorporating a distribution pattern into the marketing budget, the company will prevail over the competition. Allowing an undecided buyer to try your product at a low cost to the company can greatly influence their decision on the spot. This technology also allows companies to collect unique data (shipping address, social ID, age, location, favorite ice cream flavor) about participating consumers and allows them to distribute products to those most likely to buy. In addition, brands can reward users and distribute products to those who have shown intent using #action tags.